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Beeing locked down will make us value many things again

Currently, there is much speculation that the coronavirus will accelerate the trend towards e-commerce. Yes, this opinion is widely shared and I agree to it from a short-term perspective, as we have no choice and have to get supplies and groceries sent home. But sooner or later this crisis will be over. By then we will have painfully learned what we lacked in weeks of house arrest:

For example physical places where we can meet friends or talk to other people in lively city centres or exciting shopping destinations.

Personally, I don't believe that e-commerce will eliminate our physical meeting places. They are just detached from the pure purpose of shopping. Innovative retailers understand this and create 3rd places in order to maintain a loyal community. Where the customers then shop, in the store or digitally does not matter. And in return they get enjoyable locations for meeting friends and sharing experiences. We often have to miss something first to really appreciate it.

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